Miranda Macpherson Awakening Love, Embodying Wisdom. Author of Boundless Love.

7 months ago by victoryentertainment

Awaken to the stillness of your own heart -- God, not merely as concept but as direct experience.

Unwind stuck patterns and habits of suffering gracefully.

Bring your deepest questions and heart-felt concerns to a transformational atmosphere of unconditional love.

You are deeper than you realise. More loving than perhaps you dare to live. Wiser than you know. In the core of your being, you are infinite, boundless, vast. I offer you an invitation to wake up to yourself and live your deepest essence in the world, in a way that cuts through personal and collective habits of suffering.

My greatest joy is to meet with you in soul friendship and dive together into the stillness of your own heart ‚ or God -- not as a concept or idea, but as direct experience. In this awareness, you are freed to relax and be yourself. Fearful thoughts and stuck habits are seen for what they are and unravel gracefully. Peace and compassion emerge of themselves. Then you can face the challenges of life with greater insight. Instead of seeking so hard to find love and joy, you can recognize their source inside of yourself and live from that.

This website offers you inspiration and information about how we can connect in person, as well as audio and video downloads so that you can access the grace offered here -- from where you are right now.

May you live from your deepest truth in a way that blesses everyone.

Boundless love and blessings