Environmental Forum of Marin - Fracking

1 month ago by CMCMtv

Fracking In California—What the Frack? A blessing for jobs and cleaner natural gas or an environmental disaster?

What are the consequences for California if industry proceeds with fracking 1,699 square miles of shale along the Monterey Coast? Come and hear experts discuss the environmental impacts for the farm and seafood industries of California. On January 29th the audience learned more about the controversies surrounding fracking, what the state policy-makers are doing (i.e. SB4), and what this all means to residents of Marin County.

Richard Heinberg—Senior Fellow-in-Residence, Post Carbon Institute
Briana Mordick—Staff Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
David Turnbull—Campaign Director, Oil Change International

The Environmental Forum of Marin's Lecture Series 2014 will take a close look at issues including Fracking, Sea Level Rise, Wildfires / Forest Ecology, Transportation and Land Use. This is education for action. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the environmental changes we are facing, feel inspired to meet the challenges presented by these changes, and leave with greater confidence in making choices which benefit the environment.

Featured Lecture Series speakers will discuss the science underlying these topics and explore what we can do as individuals to meet the challenges facing us. The four sessions run from January through April. Lectures may be taken individually or as a series. http://www.marinefm.org/lecture-series

The goal of Environmental Forum of Marin is to conduct educational programs on environmental issues, provide continuing education for its members and the public, and influence decision-making.

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